Bozo of the Week

Week of March 27th:

So many Bozos, so little time. The last couple weeks have given so many great nominations, including: National Organization for Marriage (NOM) which has created the orange “Freedom of Expression” busses that really only focus on transgender folks (h/t to Aiden McCool for the head’s up), a principal who accused a 12 year old student of selling dildos at school, which were in fact water sleeve toys. But the one that takes the cake, and the Award, is Oklahoma State Representative George Faught (R-Douchecanoe) for saying that pregnancies from rape or incest are, “Beauty from ashes” and that rapes are, “God’s sovereign will.” You, Representative Faught, are not only a Bozo, but a real asshole to boot.

Week of Mar 6, 2017:

This week’s Bozo, or Bozo’s as the case may be, are the asshats that published explicit pictures of female Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC. Folks, it doesn’t matter if it is a celebrity, your ex girlfriend, or what, posting pictures of people in the nude without their consent is wrong… period.

Week of Feb 27, 2017:

So it’s been a while since the last update. This week’s Bozo of the Week goes out to Bill Maher for being a transphobic asshole. Billy Boy had internet troll and rag news journalist Milo Yonalonadingaling on to talk about “free speech”. He joked about “weirdos using bathrooms” and other douchehattery. Then he tried to take credit for Yonalnadinaling’s fall from grace (when it came to light that he had openly approved of pederastry). I personally found him unfunny before this, but this cemented it to me. Congratulations Bozo!

Week of Feb 6, 2017:

This week we give the prestigious Bozo of the Week to Arkansas State Senator Jason “Holier than Thou” Rapert (R-Assholistan). The “Gentleman” from Bigelow, AR (see article 1 below) recently decided to waste more legislative time, a growing hobby among Arkansas Legislators, on attempting to ban same-sex marriage. Sen. Rapert first submitted a non-binding resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention to have a marriage ban added as an amendment to the US Constitution. When confronted by a constituent, the Asshat from Bigelow first blocked the person on Facebook, then blasted and ridiculed him openly on Rapert’s own page. For those playing the home game, blocking on Facebook keeps you from seeing their posts or them seeing yours. This made it so that the constituent not only did not know these things were being said, but had no way to rebut. When the blog Blue Hog Report subsequently printed Sen. Rapert’s address (obtained via voter registration records), Rapert threw a hissy fit.

Week of Jan 30, 2017:

This week’s Bozo of the Week is a tie between Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton for stoking the flames of xenophobia and Arkansans’ collective fear of brown people by supporting the Bozo Emeritus’s Refugee Ban.

Week of Jan 16, 2017:
Arkansas State Legislature in its entirety has been awarded this week’s Bozo of the Week award. The legislature has had a proposal to separate Martin Luther King, Jr Day from Robert E. Lee Day for several years and refuses to act on this. For those playing the home game, Robert E. Lee Day, a day when a famous Confederate General was born, was made a holiday in Southern states of the US (which supported segregation and the infamous Jim Crow laws) as a thumb in the eye to the federal government when it instituted Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Because the legislators are afraid that this will upset their voter base, i.e. the common Arkansan who would still approve of these old laws if given a choice, they are awarded this week’s Bozo Award!

Week of Jan 9, 2017:

A special Bozo of the Week award goes out to atheist philosopher John Loftus. Mr. Loftis posted a picture of Facebook with his new Glock pistol… WITH HIS FINGER ON THE TRIGGER. When people started correcting him, he not only argued that it didn’t matter because he was sure the firearm was unable to fire, but also called out a friend publicly for correcting him, AND continued to argue that he was not wrong. So for his benefit, I am posting the link to the FB exchange as well as a picture of the rules of safely handling a firearm. Exchange

Week of Jan 2, 2017:

Congressional Republicans vote to have the fox watch the henhouse by electing to put the Ethics Board under Congressional oversight. Due to massive calls and a strongly worded Twitter rebuke from President-Elect Cheeto Eating Tribble, they later rescinded their vote. Hat Tip to New York Times

Week of December 19:

North Carolina Legislature for reneging on a “gentleman’s agreement” with Charlotte, NC. Charlotte agreed to repeal it’s law giving protections to LGBT citizens if the State Legislature would repeal HB2. The legislature closed its special session without any action on HB2, leaving LGBT North Carolinians as second class citizens once again. Credit to NPR for the story.

Week of December 12:
The Arkansas State Supreme Court for promoting discrimination and setting the state’s birth certificate laws back ten years. Same Sex Couples in Arkansas will need a court order to have both names on the birth certificate. Credit to Raw Story and The Arkansas Times.